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Dave Neufeld Parks Canada Historian of the Yukon and Wester Arctic)  created the BAR-1 DEW Line Archive as a CD-ROM  in 1996. Only 3 copies were made for 3 government departments. 

Charles Stankievech published this online version of the archive in 2009 for the centennial of the North Pole as part of The DEW Project as an open source publication in partnership with David Neufeld.

Sadly, David Neufeld passed away in 2020; please direct all requests for publicaton or inquiries regarding the archive to   

Assistance for the production of the online version of the archive was provide by Yukon School of Visual Arts in Dawson City, Yukon.

Online research assistants: Renee Berquist + Cari Tangedale.


A large portion of the physical BAR-1 Archives is now held by the Yukon Archives in Whitehorse:

  Yukon Archives BAR-1 Finding Aid


Complete Documentation and Asset Listing for the entire BAR-1 can be found in the documents below:

  DEW Line CD image credits

  DEW Line Photo Index

  DEW Line BAR-1 Drawing Index

  DEW Line BAR-1 Site Files List