BAR-1 DEW Line Archive


During my research on the DEW Line, I was fortunate to meet David Neufeld, Yukon and Western Arctic Historian for Parks Canada. He has extensively visited and archived the BAR-1 DEW Line station near Herschel Island on the Beaufort Sea. After over a decade of research he produced a CD-ROM in 1996 that collected over 200 images, 300 blueprints, a video, several research guides, and a few articles.

The CD-ROM is a wealth of information and completes the most comprehensive illustration of a single DEW Line station. I have ported the CD-ROM to the internet format with the hopes to increase awareness and access to this unique archive.

My thanks go to David Neufeld for his generousity in sharing his research and northern knowledge (including the mysterious Pykrete) with me during the production of the DEW Project.

It should be stated here that the online archive is essentially an exact replication of the original CD-ROM from 1996. Only slight style changes were made and I added a visual index to assist in browsing. As a result the archive should be viewed as a historical document of a historical site.



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