A project like this owes a lot of debt to a lot of people, in alphabetical order:

Steve Bates, Sophie Belair-Clement, Lance Blomgren, Vincent Bonin, Florian Boulais,The Community of Dawson City, YT, The Community of Tuktoyuktuk, NWT, Doug Cotter, David Curtis, Ashley Doiron, Jake Duncan, Greg Hakonson, Peter Flemming, KIAC, Aaron Flint Jamison, Joanne Jackson Johnson, Jen Laliberte, ODD Gallery, David Neufeld, Jonathan D. Solomon, Peter at Northen Industrial Sales, Veronica Verkley, Mike Yuhasz, and the CFYT radio station.



The Yukon School of Visual Arts was instrumental to the production of this work.

Funding provided by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Hydrophones supplied by Aquarian Audio






This work is dedicated to Magnet... I'm listening.

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