Gravity's Rainbow

Sound performance for hydrophones, electromagnetic microphones, radio and computer.

Part of the DEW Project, Gravity's Rainbow uses a realtime sound feed from the Yukon and Klondike rivers broadcast via a solar powered radio transmitter to the SOVA gallery where it is processed for a live concert. Performed on the centenary of the discovery of the North Pole on April 6th, 1909, Gravity's Rainbow engages the ideology of Arctic Sovereignty as mediated and created with communication technology: from the failed World Telegraph line of the mid-1800s, though the Cold War DEW Line, to contemporary internet infrastructure.

The evening is introduced by a short talk about the history of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line in the Yukon and Buckminister Fuller's Geodesic Radomes.

Start Time: 20:30 @ SOVA (3rd + Queen)

Canadian Ice Wine and American "Champagne" served.

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