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Dust (for spiral staircase)  

2min excerpt (low frequencies: headphones or stereo system recommended for playback)


Site-Specific Sound Performance
For Turntables, Computer and an assortment of old shellac and vinyl records.

June 15th, 2007

Banff New Media Institute

Limiting source sounds to the last groove of the record, Dust evolves out of the manufactured silence of the recording medium. Dust particles, the grain of the shellac, and the trace of the cutting stylus uncover the foundation for a composition that explores the extreme ends of noise: from the delicate to the abrupt. Custom software routes, processes and modulates the record loops into a field of textures that range from micro-constellations to deep resonant tones. Closing the Imaginary Place's Open Studio Day, this particular version of the piece is performed in the Banff New Media Institute's cement silo staircase. While the performance starts at the bottom of the silo, the audience is free to spiral up and down the 4 stories to experience variations in the soundfield.

view poster for performance