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  Horror Vacui

If you close the door, the night could last forever.
Leave the sunshine out, and say hello to never.

The Velvet Underground




Installation Photos at Galerie Donald Browne  
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Canadian Art Review  
A visually minimal exhibition, Horror Vacui counterpoints the transparency of sight with the density of sound. Using Alvin Lucier's 1960’s compositional technique of reiterative recording, turn-of-the-century vacuum bell jars become the instruments to create micro-soundscapes. The sources for what could be called "sound experiments" lie in a variety of 1960's and 70's pop songs (by The Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground & David Bowie) played repeatedly inside the glass bell jars until the clarity of the music transposes into resonant harmonics expressing the architectural acoustics of each piece of laboratory glass. Slowly, the container shifts into the contained. In turn, each experiment was recorded onto a clear 12" vinyl record (no edition, each record is a unique object). A hand-sewn felt dust jacket houses each disc, creating a series of paired artifacts: bell jars and records.