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LOVELAND by Charles Stankievech is a project encompassing a large scale video installation of a purple cloud created from military smoke grenades flowing across the Arctic Ocean. Installation also includes ultraviolet fluorescing emeralds and a uniquely designed hand-bound edition of the 1901 science fiction book The Purple Cloud.

LOVELAND is also an artist book with an annotated collection of images ranging from Romantic Painting to WW2 field manuals. Contributing texts by M.P. Shiel, Mark von Schlegell, Mark Lanctôt and Anna-Sophie Springer


Marie Fraser
Performing Time, Performing Space
La Triennale quebecoise 2011 Catalogue

Chief Curator of the Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal, Marie Fraser, establishes the premise of her critical essay for the Triennale catalogue with a discussion of LOVELAND calling it the "perfect coming together of an art experience and a real situation."


Reilley Bishop-Stall
Arctic Exposure: LOVELAND's Sublime Simulation of an Endless Apocalypse
The Journal of Art Theory & Practice, Vol.13, 2012

Peer-reviewed academic text critically engagning with LOVELAND by contextualising it within an art historical lineage as well as the current geopolitical and ecological climate: "...time is suspended, the future is delayed, and LOVELAND's viewer is encompassed in a relentlessly enacted rehearsal of the end event: a repetitive cycle of rupture, Rapture and renewal; a revolution of apocalypse and origin."


Mark Lanctôt
Nothing's About Nothing
LOVELAND (monograph)

Critical text by Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal curator Mark Lanctôt situating LOVELAND within the history of Modern Art and the lineage of colour field painting with critical insights about LOVELAND's relation to the Industrial Revolution's production of Fog, observing “Stankievech’s work ... directs us away from a-political modernist pictorial utopias towards something more telling: how the relationship between the narrative of history and the site it is connected to can veer into unsuspecting directions, escaping our perceived mastery over it.”


Scott Rogers
34 Transmissions: Charles Stankievech and the North
Blackflash Magazine, Fall 2011

Feature Arcticle by Artist and Writer Scott Rogers discussing Stankievech's various arctic projects, ranging from his experimental pedagogical project OVER THE WIRE to LOVELAND. Rogers weaves via connected fragments both source material from the projects and reflections on the works trajectories emphasing, "Stankievech’s most enduring trait is ... an ability to see the complex interconnectedness of different cultural signs, and to move seamlessly between the roles of artist, researcher, teacher, and academic."