Video Documentation 8mins
NB. Listen with high quality speakers or headphones to hear sutble phasing and pulsing of composition-- especially as it nears the end of the video.


Selected Performances:
World Premiere: MATA Interval 3.1, ISSUE Project Room, NYC, Jan 13 2010.
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative Virgina, USA: Mar 21, 2010
TONSPUR-Lautsprecher. Vienna, Austria: Jan 11, 2011 .


Radiance is dedicated to Alvin Lucier who graciously attended the premerie as a special guest.
Radiance as a live performance was commissioned by Philip Glass' organisation MATA, but was developed out of the multichannel video installation Aletheia’s Veil originally commissioned by Dazibao, centre de photographies actuelles.


RADIANCE (soundtrack for a silent cinema)


Live Audio Visual Performance for Shellac Record, Turntable, Microphones, Computer with Custom Software, and Video Projection

10min or 20min length performance

Radiance moves from the representation of recording to the materiality of architecture.

Using a 1910s shellac record manufactured by Emile Berliner (inventor of the flat record), Radiance is a live soundtrack to footage shot in the historic movie palace Cinema Imperial of Montréal (the city surprisingly home to the first architecture built exclusively for cinema exhibition).

A site once visited by Hiroshi Sugimoto for his long exposure photographs, Radiance reverse engineers the process creating a motion picture out of a still image. Within the virtual world of the Radiance's projection, a slow zoom (similiar to Michael Snow's Wavelength) into the cinema palace's screen unveils a 35mm reconstruction of Nam June Paik’s «Zen for Film» which was originally projected in the Cinema Imperial for this production.

Parallel to the image, a reiterative recording technique à la Alvin Lucier’s «I am sitting in a room» carves away at the white noise of the silent last groove of the record to reveal the resonant tones of the performance space.

A work that functions as an archive of 20th century audiovisual technology--from Cinema Palaces through the Avante-Gard cinema's designed by Frederick Kielser and Peter Kubelka-- Radiance is reborn by responding to the architecture in each performance space.

Custom version of performance with record specifically chosen to match performance city available.