à la recherche du temps perdu


Peformance for Turntables, Computer and an assortment of old shellac and vinyl records.



Limiting source sounds to the last groove of the record, the performance evolves out of the manufactured silence of the recording medium. Dust particles, the grain of the shellac, and the trace of the cutting stylus uncover the foundation for a composition that explores the extreme ends of noise: from the delicate to the abrupt. Custom software routes, processes and modulates the record loops into a field of textures that range from micro-constellations to deep resonant tones.

Accompanying the music is a 2-channel video projection utilised to exclusively light the gallery. The footage is an extraction from the installation Aletheia's Veil (which includes a remake of Nam June Paik's "Zen for Film" (1962)).


Records used in the performance:

Alvin Lucier: "Sferics"

Betrand Russell: "Speaking"

Charles Stankievech: "Una Solo Nota (For Scelsi)"

Christian Marclay: "Guitar Drag"

Edgar Varèse: "Poème Électronique"

Erik Satie: "1ère Gymnopedie"

George Antheil: "Ballet Mécanique"

Janet Cardiff + George B. Miller: "Opera for a Small Room"

Karlheinz Stockhausen: "Kontakte"

Mauritzo: "M7"

Michael Snow: "The Last LP"

Mitchell Akiyama: "Spiral Jetty"

Plastikman: "Consumed"

Rodney Graham: "Don't Trust Anyone Under 30"

Tétreault/Tanguay/Charles: "Le Dernier Disque de Jazz du Xème Siècle"

Various Artists: "1.8rec.comp"

Victor Records (1915): "They Didn't Believe Me"





Composition commissoned by Dazibao.    
Performance Photos courtesy Dazibao.    
Thank you Steve Bates + Mitchell Akiyama.