Thank you:

Candice Tarnowski, Steve Bates, Douglas Moffat, Meredith Carruthers, Susannah Wesley, Mark Lanctot, Kendra Wallace, Stephen Horne,
Michèle Thériault, Chris Kline, Mark Clintberg, Ken Stankievech, Caroll Stankievech, Christof Migone, Francois Beaudry-Losique, Kirsten Bradley, Veronica
Verkley, Jane Tingley + David Hoffos.

I would particularily like to thank France Choinière for her kindness and endurance.


Aletheia’s Veil was initially commissioned by Dazibao/PRIM and further developed at the Banff Imaginary Places residency.

This project could not have been made possible without the support of Dazibao, PRIM, Hexigram, The Banff Centre for the Arts, KIAC School of Visual Arts, and especially the Cinema Imperial.