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HOMELAND SECURITY consists of 36 electrifying fluorescent bug zappers suspended in a grid above a public space. During the dark hours of the night the lethal devices fill the site with their blue glow and crackling sounds hinting at the paradoxes of security and beauty. A prototype version also exists for the white cube of the gallery. Originally installed in Marfa, Texas: border town and home to the Chinati & Donald Judd Foundation.
Publication by Paper Pusher &
Marfa Book Co.


The Readymade Was Always a Trojan Horse [read online]
Charles Stankievech + Tim Johnson in Conversation about Homeland Security
Interventions Journal, Vol2.Iss.1
Columbia University, NYC
Jan 2013

Labor Berlin 12: Drifiting
Text by Syelle Hase in Exhibition Catalogue
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Dec 14, 2012

Marfa Lights [read online]
Interview between Gregory Whitehead + Charles Stankievech
Desparado Philosophy
Oct 7, 2012