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HOMELAND SECURITY consists of 36 electrifying fluorescent bug zappers suspended in a grid above a public space. During the dark hours of the night the lethal devices fill the site with their blue glow and crackling sounds hinting at the paradoxes of security and beauty. A prototype version also exists for the white cube of the gallery. Originally installed in Marfa, Texas: border town and home to the Chinati & Donald Judd Foundation.
Publication by Paper Pusher &
Marfa Book Co.


Original installation in the southwest border town of Marfa, Texas—a site famous for two reasons. On the one hand, Marfa was the home of Minimal artist Donald Judd and his long-term project the Chinati Foundation which houses his 100 aluminum boxes and Dan Flavin’s epic six building light situation. On the other hand, Marfa has a 100 year militarized history, from a base established to stop guns being smuggled south during the Mexican Revolution circa 1910 to the current War on Terror and War on Drugs focus on Chihuahua (Mexico’s most infamous state for drug cartels and violence) directly south of the town.

HOMELAND SECURITY, Installation, Marfa Texas (photo: C. Stankievech)

HOMELAND SECURITY, detail, Marfa Texas (photo: C. Stankievech)

homelandHOMELAND SECURITY, Installation, Marfa Texas (photo: C. Stankievech)

HOMELAND SECURITY, Site for concerts for both the Trans-Pecos Festival and the Chinati Open House Weekend, Marfa Texas (photo: C. Stankievech)