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OVER THE WIRE is a project series that creates an exchange between an established Artist and the YUKON School of Visual Arts.  Celebrating the extreme remoteness of the school, the project mediates the geographic distance by fostering a correspondence--both literally and aesthetically--between the Artist and the students.  Each semester, a set of instructions created by a distant Artist is delivered to the students in order to produce a new work.  The students in turn interpret the instructions and create the work locally for exhibition.  In addition to the exhibition of the work, each project is accompanied by a publication or multiple that is distributed in return across the country.

OVER THE WIRE was created and is curated by Charles Stankievech




With Artists:

Alexandra Macdonald | Cole Pauls | Daniel Brown-Hozjan | Elizabeth Houg | Emily Prospero | Jared Dulac | Jennifer Liu | Joe Volf | Kalyna Riis-Phillips | Katie Gray | Kay Linley | Kristen Poenn | Matt Smith | Mike Luxton | Nathaniel Marchand | Owen Bayliss | Victoria Ponce

ODD Gallery, Dawson City, April 26 - May 11

Lize Mogel, from NYC, is the eighth OVER THE WIRE artist to work with the students at Yukon SOVA in a series that pairs an international renowned artist with the students in the 4D course. Particularly chosen for her political engagement with the environment through the tools of art, Mogel is well known for her counter-cartography strategies of mapping. For OTW#08, she has conducted a series of work where the students map migratory and moving elements through and around the Dawson City region in the hopes to provide a new insight and expsoure to a landscape already known by many locals or possibly seen for the first time by those moving through Dawson as visitors.

Special guests participating in the project by providing workshops and lectures include:

David Neufeld, Western Arctic & Yukon Historian for Parks Canada;
Jeff Hamm, Senior Planner for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission;
Anna-Sophie Springer, Independent Curator;
Angie Joseph Rear, Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Elder; &
Linda Johnson, former Director of the Yukon Archives,
      and author of the seminal book Kandik Map.

A varitey of "maps" will fill the ODD Gallery opening April 26 as part of the year-end student exhibition which runs until May 11.


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Lize Mogel is an interdisciplinary artist who works with the interstices between art and cultural geography. She creates and disseminates counter-cartography— maps and mappings that produce new understandings of social and political issues. Her work connects the real history and collective imaginary about specific places to larger narratives of globalization. She has mapped public parks in Los Angeles; future territorial disputes in the Arctic; and wastewater economies in New York City. Her recent projects rethink popular representations of the world as it is shaped by global economies. She is coeditor of the book/map collection "An Atlas of Radical Cartography" and co-curator of the traveling exhibition "An Atlas”. She has worked with groups including the Center for Land Use Interpretation and the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest. Exhibitions include the Gwangju (South Korea) and Sharjah (U.A.E.) Biennials, PS1 (NYC), Casco (Utrecht), and “Experimental Geography” (ICI, touring).