Charles Stankievech


March 8-24th, 2007

Parisian Laundry



A. Una Nota Sola (For Scelsi)

Edition of 88 grey vinyl records
First 8 in the edition come with a hand-cut felt slipmat
A-side: 18 minute excerpt from the Venetian Insane Asylum session
B-side: Infinte locked groove of silence

B. Twelve Tone: Klangfarben (for Schönberg)

12” x 12” x 12 layers of 1” Felt

C. Asylum Session (For Scelsi)

1 hour excerpt from the performance in the Venetian insane asylum San Servolo
HD video back projected on velvet and Belgian cotton curtain
4.1 channels of sound
1 x Meyer USW-1P
4 x Yorkville Monitors
1 x Motu 828 mk2

D. Timbral

Felt Sculpture
20’ x 7’ x 6’

E. Rest (for Feldman)

10’ x 6’
Parisian Laundry
March 9-24, 2007
Montréal, Canada