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Commission by the Musée d'art contemporaine de Montréal for the 50th anniversary of Expo 67, including an installation at the museum and a site specific radio station at the US Pavilion.



This video documents the offsite, site-specific component of the project at the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montreal. Here I electrified Buckminster Fuller's metal geodesic dome from Expo 67 in order to turn it into a gigantic 250ft spherical radio antenna. The museum exhibition included an archival presentation of Buckminster Fuller's evolution of architecture from his original 1927 "4D Tower" with a radio mast through his 1950's military work building radomes for the Distant Early Warning Line to shelter radio equipment, assisting the birth of cybernetic, networked warfare. The museum included an 8ft copper geodesic dome that functioned as the antenna for a local low power radio station within the gallery, and onsite I repurposed the original Expo 67 geodesic dome turning it into an experimental radio transmitter. Both geodesic antennas played the same archival broadcast playlist including:

Producer > Title > Date

Aricebo Radio Telescope > Pulsar Recordings > 1967/8 
3M > Normal First and Second Heart Sounds Recordings 
CBC > Expo 67’s Indians of Canada > 1967 
Expo 67 > Sounds of Expo > 1967 
Marshall McLuhan > The Medium is the Massage > 1967 
Glenn Gould > Idea of North > 1967 
Karl Marx > Das Capital > 1867 
Timothy Leary > Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out > 1967 
Pink Floyd > A Piper at the Gates Dawn > 1967 
Buckminster Fuller > Everything I Know > 1975 
Mike Nichols > The Graduate: "One Word: Plastics" > 1967 
USSR > Sputnik > 1957 
NASA > Space Sounds Collection > c.1970 
Charles De Gaulle > Vive Le Québec Libre > 1967 
CBC / Marshall McLuhan > Around the World > 1967 
Alvin Lucier > Sferics > 1967/81

*Except in Video: NASA's recording of Light Curve Waves to Sound.