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LOVELAND by Charles Stankievech is a project encompassing a large scale video installation of a purple cloud created from military smoke grenades flowing across the Arctic Ocean. Installation also includes ultraviolet fluorescing emeralds and a uniquely designed hand-bound edition of the 1901 science fiction book The Purple Cloud.

LOVELAND is also an artist book with an annotated collection of images ranging from Romantic Painting to WW2 field manuals. Contributing texts by M.P. Shiel, Mark von Schlegell, Mark Lanctôt and Anna-Sophie Springer

[1min excerpt above, to watch in HD watch on vimeo site]

HD Video

Full Wall Projection 6.45m x 3.6m in completely white room

5:10 seamless loop

Surround sound soundtrack arranged and mixed by Charles Stankievech in Goebbels' WW2 escape bunker in Berlin, Germany. Audio includes onsite field recordings of ice and ionosphere combined with original music by Tim Hecker.