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Soniferous Aether



The Soniferous Æther of The Land Beyond The Land Beyond is a 35mm film installation shot at the northernmost settlement on earth— ALERT Signals Intelligence Station— as part of a series of fieldworks looking at remote outpost architecture, military infrastructure and the embedded landscape. Shot using a computer controlled time‐lapse tracking camera during the winter months, the military spy outpost radiates within a shroud of continuous darkness under a star-pierced canopy harkening an abandoned space station.


35mm Film Projector and Looper
Installation at the Ottawa City Hall Gallery

Projection Room with Freestanding Screen

Full Installation version includes 35mm Film Projector and Looper, Stereo Sound, Two Wall Clocks and Glenn Gould's 1955 vinyl record of the Goldberg Variations.
Dimensions Variable.
Edition of 3 with AP.