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Soniferous Aether



The Soniferous Æther of The Land Beyond The Land Beyond is a 35mm film installation shot at the northernmost settlement on earth— ALERT Signals Intelligence Station— as part of a series of fieldworks looking at remote outpost architecture, military infrastructure and the embedded landscape. Shot using a computer controlled time‐lapse tracking camera during the winter months, the military spy outpost radiates within a shroud of continuous darkness under a star-pierced canopy harkening an abandoned space station.


The Soniferous Æther includes several artefacts, photographs and documentation of peripheral gestures as part of the overall project.


Photographs are still frames from the film, only they are created from the original full frame capture and art not cropped to the cinema ratio of 1:1.85.
Fine Art Print on Baryt Paper Mounted on 2mm Aluminum
150cm x 100cm
Edition 5 + 2AP





AC / DC Clocks and Glenn Gould Vinyl Record

Two Analog Clocks that replicate the power station’s control room’s clocks: labelled AC and DC. Respectively, the clocks at the station and in the artwork entail one being plugged into the wall (AC) and one running on battery power (DC).

An original first edition vinyl record of Glenn Gould’s 1955 recording of the Goldberg Variations (a sample of which is used as the core of the musical soundtrack in the film).


REDACTED POSTCARDS sent from CFS ALERT (Edition of 30)