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Soniferous Aether



Commission by the Musée d'art contemporaine de Montréal for the 50th anniversary of Expo 67, including an installation at the museum and a site specific radio station at the US Pavilion.



Musée d'art contemporaine de Montréal Catalogue
In Search of Expo 67
Published by McGill-Queen's Press

Photo documentation and catalogue list of works.


New York Times
Expo 2017: Utopia, Rebooted

"At MAC, the Canadian artist Charles Stankievech has assembled a bulging archive of materials that limn the contradictory aims of Fuller’s dome, as indebted to American military ambitions as to “Spaceship Earth” environmentalism."



Canadian Art

"Charles Stankievech’s installation, Until Finally O Became Just a Dot (2017) condenses
a museum’s worth of Expo-related ephemera into one room. Deeply absorbing,
Stankievech’s connect-the-dots between the Whole Earth Catalog, LSD, NASA,
Fuller, McLuhan, Pink Floyd and more demonstrates how contemporary artists
win back their autonomy by assuming curatorial methods —SAELAN TWERDY"